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What is an ACC Chapter?

An ACC chapter is an affiliate of A Continuous Charity National. Once you start a chapter, ACC will open up a bank account in your state. Once the account is opened, the local community can start to put money into that fund through fundraisers, business investments, private donations, etc. The money that is collected will be used to give interest-free loans to local students studying in that city or state. When the students pay back their loans, the money goes back into the local fund and is available for the next student.

As a chapter, you will focus on fundraising for your state, spreading awareness, and application review and approval.


 Open an ACC Chapter in Your Community!

ACC is proud to announce that we are developing chapters across the United States. Every community has hundreds, if not thousands, of students who want to go to college but do not want to take on interest-bearing loans. That is why we’ve developed our chapter program to help local communities raise local funds to benefit local students.

Why Start An ACC Chapter?

Starting an ACC chapter has numerous benefits. Most communities do not have the capacity to raise funds for loans, get into legally binding contracts with students and their families, or have the software to manage the loans . At ACC, we do have that capacity – but we need help from local people like you who know your community and can help raise money for your local chapter and help determine which students are awarded the loans. 

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 We Take Care of Everything

  • Bank Account: ACC will open the bank account in the name of the chapter.

  • Contracts: We develop legally binding contracts that all recipients sign to ensure they are legally bound to pay back their loan.

  • Government & IRS Compliance: We make sure that the chapter follows all government regulations and tax codes.

  • Financial Reports: We produce public financial reports so you know how much money is in your community’s fund, how much has been loaned to students, and other financial reports to keep you informed.

What Are My Responsibilities/Benefits?

  • Fundraising: We need energetic, passionate, and well-networked people in all communities who can help raise money for the chapter. Let’s face it: the demand for non-interest loans is high and the supply of funds is scarce. The more money you can raise, the more students you will help.

  • Education & Outreach: ACC requires all chapters to hold regular educational workshops. We believe that the community should have a better understanding of higher education, how to pay for it, the evils of interest, applying for financial aid, and other aspects of higher education. Don’t worry, we provide the educational materials and resources – we just need you to help educate your community.

  • Determine Which Students Are Awarded the Loans: As a chapter, you are given the privilege of determining which students are awarded the interest-free loans, the amount of the loan they will receive, and the repayment period. ACC will send you all the applicants that applied in your region and guidelines to help you determine which students are deserving of the loans.

How Do I Get Started?

Helping us start an ACC chapter is a great way to help your local community get students educated and free of interest-based debt. 

To get started, simply fill out the form below. A representative of ACC will contact you within 5-10 business days. We will send you more details regarding the process and help you determine if this is something that is right for you.

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